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500000 Students Visas granted by the UK to International Students UK Study

UK Grants Nearly 500,000 Students Visas!

The UK is a hotspot for international students. And even with strict rules and changes, student inflow has been growing. Let’s find out more about this.


When we look at the recent visa statistics, one thing that’s quite evident is the UK’s commitment towards international education.


By June 2023, around 500,000 student visas were issued by the UK. This is a significant year-over-year increase of 23%.


When compared with the numbers of 2019, it’s more than double the number of visa issues. Now, this definitely shows that the UK has been adapting and stabilising since the pandemic.


What’s The Reason Behind This Visa Surge?


Indian students have been a major growth contributor to the inflow of students. They took up around 30% of the student visas that were issued and witnessed a growth of 54% year-over-year.


This has led to a change in the positions of countries where India has now surpassed China as the leading sender of international students to the UK.

The Growth of The ELT Sector


The UK’s English Language Training (ELT) sector also seems to be taking a route for a comeback. According to reports, compared to the last year, there has been a growth of 25% in student weeks for Q2 2023.

This definitely shows us that there’s been growth and that too, an astonishing 81% of it pre-pandemic volumes. Surely, it looks like a bright future ahead.


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