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UKs New Visa Strategy For Workers UK Work Permit 2023

UK’s New Visa Strategy For Workers

In today’s blog update, we will be talking about UK Government Considering Short-Term Visa Scheme Workers. We highly suggest you to read the full blog so you don’t miss any updates.


The UK government is vigorously considering the launch of a short-term visa programme planned to attract workers from outside UK. This initiative is anticipated to address the labour shortages in the hospitality sector without affecting the UK’s population metrics.


The latest reports from The Times expose that the UK Home Office has begun consultations with many EU nations. The objective is to grow youth mobility schemes, making sure that net migration figures stay coherent, especially after the UK observed a record migration rate in the year 2022.



The planned scheme is intended to benefit young individuals aged between 18 and 30. It permits them to work in the UK for a maximum of 24 months without the requirement of employer sponsorship. Furthermore, they would be excused from the existing skill and salary requirements of the UK Skilled Worker route. This suppleness suggests that businesses can leverage the programme to employ for basic roles.

Brexit, together with the pandemic and recent economic encounters, has considerably affected the UK’s hospitality industry. Traditionally, this sector was a favoured choice for EU workers. On the other hand, post-Brexit immigration rules and regulations have discouraged many from pursuing roles like baristas, waiters, and housekeepers.

The hospitality industry carries on to grapple with staffing issues, even though job openings have seen a reduction over the past year. The UK Hospitality trade body estimates that present vacancies exceed the pre-pandemic figures by about approximately 48%.


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