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UK Grants Record Breaking 1.1 Million Visas

UK Grants Record-Breaking 1.1 Million Visas

The UK Home Office has shared statistics on the number of visas issued for the year ending June 2022. According to this, the UK Home Office granted 1.1 million UK visas. This was a significant increment when compared to the 570,000 issued in the year ending June 2019.

This growth can be partially credited to the points-based immigration system launched on 1 January 2021. After Brexit, EU citizens are now mandated to obtain a visa to work, live, and study in the UK. Although EU workers are essentially a reason for the boost in visas, they’re not the sole reason.

Modifications during the new Skilled Worker visa route implementation made it much simpler for individuals outside of the EU to obtain visas. Amidst these modifications were the removal of the Resident Labour Market Test, the monthly limit applicable to the Tier 2 (General) visa dropping away and the skill threshold being reduced from RQF Level 6 to RQF Level 3, which is equivalent to A-Levels.

Following is the breakdown of the granted 1.1 million visas:

  • 468,900 study visas
  • 331,200 work visas
  • 230,000 settlement visas
  • 82,300 family visas

The most significant increase was in work and study visas, which grew by 72% and 71%, respectively, in comparison to the number of visas issued in 2019.

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