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UK Visa Processing Times

Spring 2024 Update On UK Visa Processing Times

Once you submit a visa application, the time it takes to receive a decision is called UK visa processing time. When you submit a UK visa application, Home Office caseworkers evaluate your application and supporting documents based on the preset eligibility criteria and suitability for the applied category.

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This evaluation will determine whether or not to grant you a visa, and you’ll be notified of the outcome in writing. Moreover, the Home Office follows preset customer service standards for visa processing times. It focuses on processing applications within these timeframes.

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Current UK Visa Processing Times

Amidst the extremely busy period for UK visa applications, the department receives an average of 12,000 entry clearance applications weekly. This is due to employers and individuals who are rushing to secure visas before higher salary thresholds and minimum income requirements for work and family routes become effective in April.

So, applicants should be prepared for possible processing delays for entry clearance applications expected by the hike in demand and be aware of the extra scrutiny for decision-making.

Sometimes, applicants receive an email notifying them of a processing delay but then receive a decision within the standard processing times. On the other hand, even priority applications are sometimes delayed when requesting further information.

According to the UKVI website, the current application processing times for submissions outside the UK are as follows:

  • Work visas – 3 weeks
  • Temporary work visas – 3 weeks
  • Visit visas – 3 weeks
  • Student visas – 3 weeks
  • Family visas – 24 weeks
  • Ukraine visas – 3 weeks
  • British National (Overseas) visas – 12 weeks.


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Priority and Super Priority Services

The ‘Priority’ or ‘Super Priority’ services enable applicants to pay for a faster decision, depending on service availability and the visa category applied for. Due to increasing demand, the Home Office will entertain more priority appointments for customers who wish to utilize this service.

Priority service: Applicants usually receive a decision within five working days or 30 working days for Family visa applications from outside the UK.

Super Priority Service: Applicants receive a decision by the end of the next working day for visa and settlement applications.


How To Prevent Your UK Visa Application Delays?

Even when using Priority Services, the processing times are never promised, and paying for a quicker decision doesn’t guarantee the visa grant.

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However, a leading reason for visa processing delays and refusals includes missing or incorrect information which should be avoided. To secure your best chance of earning a quick visa approval, get your application right the first time.

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