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Key Updates on BRPs that expire on 31 December

Critical Updates on BRPs Expiring on 31 December

The UK government is introducing critical changes that require the UK’s Biometric Residence Permit (BRPs) holders to shift to eVisas. Let’s find out more about this.

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BRPs Are Going Extinct

This initiative marks a significant shift in the UK’s border and immigration system to a fast-paced digital world starting in 2025. This change will make physical documents like BRPs and visa stickers extinct, paving the way for eVisas. This initiative aims to introduce an accessible and safer approach to managing your immigration status. eVisas have numerous pros like security, accessibility, and streamlined information updation.

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Transitioning to a Digital eVisa

Many BRP holders have noticed that this proof of immigration status will expire on 31 December 2024. This change will not affect the immigration status of the BRP holder unless their visa is due to expire on the same date. This transition is expected to bring significant changes in 2025 onwards, when it comes to proving your immigration status.

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Immigrants Must Act

It is recommended that those without British or Irish citizenship take the necessary steps before their BRP expires on 31 December 2024. If you have an eVisa, you must create a UKVI account to access it. To create the account, you need to enter the necessary information, such as your passport number, BRP information, and date of birth. According to the Home Office, they will get in touch with the concerned individuals or their legal representatives.

Do note that until your current and valid BRP reaches its expiration you should continue to carry it when travelling abroad. Furthermore, from this summer onwards, transport operators and airlines will be able to verify your entry into the UK electronically. But first make sure that your passport or any other relevant identity document required for travelling is linked to your UKVI account.

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British Citizens May Relax

Immigrants who have acquired British citizenship since the last issuance of the BRP are now eligible to stay in the UK. Using your British citizen passport or a certificate of entitlement, you can show your right to reside in the country. Moreover, this change will not impact British passport holders.

Finally, BRP holders are expected to regularly monitor any updates from the Home Office in this regard.

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