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Personal Independence Payment And UK Partner Visa

Personal Independence Payment And UK Partner Visa

A partner visa is for a non-British person whose partner is a British citizen living in the UK or has a pre-settled or settled status through the EU settlement scheme. But, some requirements for qualification must be fulfilled by the candidate and their partner in the UK, who will be their sponsor. One of those requirements is to fulfil financial needs.

If you or your partner in the UK have received PIP (Personal Independence Payment), you do not need to meet the financial conditions. Instead, you must fulfill the requirement for maintenance and accommodation.

The total amount for the accommodation and maintenance depends on the income or benefits you receive and the amount of council tax or rent you pay. After you have deducted your rent and council tax from the income or benefit you get, then you should have the amount which should be equivalent to or more than the income support given to a family of similar size. Presently, the weekly rate of income support for a couple is £121.05.

Evidence Needed For Personal Independence Payment

In case you have received a PIP, you will be required to submit the following as proof :

  • To verify your present entitlement to the PIP and the total sum you currently received, you have to file the formal documentation from the Department for Work and Pensions or the Veterans Agency
  • If you get the amount of PIP benefit into your account, you have to provide the last 12 months of bank statements, which are from before the date of application.

Extension Of UK Partner Visa And PIP

When applying for a UK partner visa extension, again, you have to submit proof to show that you are still authorised to receive a PIP allowance to be waived from fulfilling the conditions for finances.

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