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October 4, 2022

Can A Care Worker Be Sponsored?

The Skilled Worker visa is the primary ‘work visa’ option for UK establishments that wish to employ non-UK nationals.

The route is fully limited to jobs deemed at a skill level of RFQ Level 3 or more. However, a special exemption was presented this year to permit organizations to sponsor individuals in the role of ‘Care Worker’, even though the job is believed to be below that skill level.

What Is The Care Worker Category?

The ‘Care Worker’ category comprises home carers and care assistants working in a care home environment.

‘Care Worker’ roles are classified as a Shortage Occupation. This implies that a minimum salary of £20,400 per year must be paid to the applicants instead of the higher fee that is applicable to standard Skilled Workers of £25,600. They must also be paid a minimum of £10.00 an hour.

Before hiring anyone in a Care Worker role, the employer must submit an application and be granted a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence. However, a private household or individual cannot sponsor Skilled Worker applicants unless they are a sole trader intending to sponsor an individual to work for their business.

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