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Australia's New Immigration Policies Impact on International Students

Australia’s New Immigration Policies Impact on International Students

There’s an undergoing significant changes in the Australian immigration policies, targeting a dramatic reduction in migrant intake by 2025. This shift has been particularly harsh on foreign students. Here’s how these changes could shape the educational landscape and bilateral relations.


Stricter Visa Policies

The Australian government aims to halve immigration by cracking down on student visas. International students, who form the second-largest group of international students in Australia, have been significantly affected. Since 2022, visa approvals for International students have fallen by 48%. Universities have imposed blanket bans on applications from International students, fearing the government’s new risk rating system, which labels colleges as “high risk” based on rejected or canceled visas.

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Tougher Requirements

The changes include:

  • Tighter Eligibility Criteria: Ensuring that only well-qualified students receive visas.
  • Enhanced English Language Tests: Raising the bar for language proficiency.
  • Agent Scrutiny: Monitoring recruitment agents to prevent fraudulent practices.
  • Higher Financial Proof: Raising the proof of savings requirement from $31,800 to $119,500 in a few months.


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Economic Impact

International education contributed $24 billion to the Australian economy in 2022, making it one of the largest export industries. However, rapid migration driven by international students led to a housing shortage and soaring rental prices. This forced the government to act swiftly.

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Challenges and Implications

While aimed at preventing misuse of the educational system for migration, these policies are stirring concerns. Universities are losing a key revenue stream, and the targeted denial of visas could harm Australia’s reputation and its relationship with India.

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Australia’s immigration reforms are reshaping the future for international students. The nation’s approach may succeed in controlling immigration, but it must tread carefully to avoid lasting diplomatic and economic consequences.


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