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More Trouble as Australia Takes Action On Student Visa System ~ Australia Immigration News

Australia Takes Action On Fraud In Student Visa System

There have been many fraudulent cases when it comes to Australian students’ visas. Which is why the government has now taken major steps to address it. Find out more in this blog.

The federal government will reveal some changes to international student visas after an extensive review of the system.



Visa reformation is on the way, which includes some changes to international student visas. According to the education minister, they will also stop individuals from using the visa only for working purposes. These changes were made after the immigration system review.

Jason Clare, the education minister, also said the announcement in the coming week will shut all the loopholes that let people enter Australia through student visas to work and not study.

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This will be one of the many changes in visas after the review held by former Victoria Police Commissioner Christine Nixon. Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil commissioned the review after reports of human trafficking and exploitation in the system.

Jason Clare stated that the changes targeted toward international students were crucial for the protection of the education sector.

He added that shonks and dodgy operators exploiting students to make money and cracking them down is important to protect the system’s integrity. International education is the country’s most important asset and its biggest export.

The Education Minister also said that changes are being implemented to find potential visa manipulators by banning students from being enrolled in two courses during the initial six months in the country. According to him, these steps will “tighten the screws.

He said that some students get approached by education agents to get enrolled in a vocational course. These students never turn up and drop out of the course while using the visa as a backdoor to work in the country.

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