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October 21, 2022

Australia’s Contributory Parent Visa 143

In this blog, we will provide you with the guidelines that you can follow if you are looking to apply for a Contributory Parent Visa 143 for your parents.

What is the Contributory Parent Visa 143?

The Contributory subclass 143 Visa allows you to live with your parents on a permanent basis in Australia. This permanent visa is for parents whose children are living in Australia. You can apply for this visa from outside of Australia.

Requirements For Contributory Parent Visa 143

To be eligible for this visa, the candidate will need a sponsor. The sponsor should be the candidate’s settled child in New Zealand or Australia.

If the children are under the age of 18, the relatives and the community organization can be sponsored. The sponsorship must be authorized by the Australian authorities.

After acquiring the sponsorship, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Health and character requirements.
  • Meeting the balance-of-family test unless you apply for the Retirement Pathway or bear a Subclass 173 visa. There are no previous visa cancellations.
  • The candidates can check their eligibility on the website of the Department of Home Affairs.

Who Is Authorised To Provide Help For Contributory subclass 143 Visa?

Only agents registered with the Migrations Agents Registration Authority (MARA) can provide help in acquiring a subclass visa 143 visa.

What Are The Benefits of Visa 143?

Benefits offered by subclass 143 Visa are as follows:
  • The opportunity of permanent residence
  • Australian Citizenship
  • Being able to bring family members

What Is The Requirement For Contributory Parent Visa 143?

  • The candidate must come to Australia after their sponsor enters Australia.
  • Before coming to Australia, they must not marry or enter into a de facto relationship.

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