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Ontario Aims To Double Its Skilled Immigrant Intake

In an attempt to double the skilled immigrant intake, Ontario plans to invest $25 million over the next three years in addition to the $15 million announced in Budget 2022. This investment is expected to tackle the issue of labour shortages while promoting the province’s economic growth.



It is safe to say that Ontario is one of the most popular places in Canada. The province grants entry to one-third of migrants to Canada every year. According to the announcement by the provincial and federal government, the number of economic immigrants to the province will be doubled to reach 18,000 by 2025.



Moreover, Ontario Premier Doug Ford believes that the government is prepared to grant entry to more skilled migrants to the province to help with the development of transit routes, highways, schools, hospitals, and homes to meet the needs of the growing population. Plus, the government wants to ensure that it has a sufficiently skilled workforce to build Ontario and tackle labour shortages.

According to Ontario’s website, the additional investment in Budget 2023 will speed up processing, allowing newcomers to quickly start working in their respective professions. In addition to this, the new funding would help boost security and make IT updates to ensure the system is capable of handling more workflow in the future.

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