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USCISs Masterstroke Lightning Action to Tackle US Visa Backlog

Ombudsman Calls on USCIS to Take Urgent Action on Visa Backlog

In this blog, we’ll look at the 2023 CIS Ombudsman report to discuss the challenges USCIS faces at the moment and the recommendations to overcome them.


The annual CIS Ombudsman report refers to a summary of the grave issues USCIS faces. Coming to the 2023 report, the existing CIS Ombudsman Nathan Stiefel has highlighted the application backlogs and stressed the necessity to boost efficiency and improve customer experience.

Current Challenges In Reducing Visa Backlogs & Processing Times

The report points out that USCIS has continually faced challenges in reducing processing times and eliminating the visa backlog. The median processing times in 2023 indicate a slight improvement in contrast with the previous year. In addition to this, the report has mentioned the following reasons behind the lack of improvement;

– The new humanitarian parole programs


– The prioritization of naturalization and employment-based visas


– The strain on resources is preventing USCIS from overcoming its problems effectively.


Recommendations Highlighted In The CIS Ombudsman Report 2023


The report suggests the following measures to tackle the backlog effectively.


– Increase efficiency by using technologically advanced solutions.


– Hire more staff to expedite application reviews and eliminate persistent backlogs.


– Streamline the process by digitizing specific forms, like Form I-693.


– Come up with innovations in the adjustment of the status process, like removing interviews and biometrics for certain green card applicants.


– Introduce an exceedingly coordinated method for humanitarian parole applications.


– Make the TPS process more straightforward by extending TPS designation periods and removing the separate Employment Authorization Document (EAD).


Improving The Customer Service


The report also highlights the urgency to improve customer service and inspire trust across its notably diverse clientele. Let’s look at the recommendations to strengthen customer support.


– Incorporate technological solutions to expand in-person services.


– Test virtual appointments to start catering to a multitude of customers.


– Improve accessible and regular communication to help customers understand everything properly.


– The provision of updated training to offer a customer-service-oriented approach.


– Train Contact Center representatives to facilitate speedy resolution of all the issues at hand.


It is safe to say that USCIS can achieve maximum efficiency and streamline operations while offering an improved customer experience by acting on the recommendations highlighted in the 2023 CIS Ombudsman report. Needless to say, these are the crucial steps USCIS must take to address the challenges successfully and fulfil the requirements of its diverse customer base.


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