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US Immigration News The Latest in US Immigration Weekly News Roundup

US Immigration Weekly News update: July 2023 Part 2

Welcome back to another blog update. In this week’s immigration news, we will highlight numerous important developments in the United States by the USCIS.




Today’s highlights include the following:


  • Texas Troopers’ Controversial Actions
  • American Perception of Immigration
  • Biden Administration’s Immigration Record
  • USCIS Processing Times



Texas Troopers’ Controversial Actions


Governor Greg Abbott’s border plan, Texas troopers were allegedly ordered to deny migrants water and push children into the Rio Grande River. These accusations, specified in emails sent by a trooper-medic, have elevated apprehensions about the treatment of immigrants along the border in Texas.


American Perception of Immigration


Did you know that a recent poll revealed that 68% of Americans see immigration as a “good thing” for the US? In spite of worries about possible impacts on crime, drugs, and taxes, the mainstream favors keeping or adding present immigration levels. The optimistic awareness of legal immigration is somewhat higher than that of migration on the whole.

Biden Administration’s Immigration Record


Unofficial US government data implies that the Joe Biden administration has helped a noteworthy upsurge in legal migration, receiving in excess of 500,000 migrants in less than 24 months. By utilizing the immigration parole authority, a law from the 1950s, officials have offered a lawful and safe substitute for migrants, helping in faster refugee resettlement attempts.


Lastly; let’s talk about USCIS Processing Times


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services also known as USCIS has published the latest processing times for important forms. Even though wait times for Form I-485 and Form I-130 got better in the 1st Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023, the processing time for Form I-129F, the first step in the K-1 fiancé visa application process, continued to be high.



Our blog ends here. Don’t forget to comment below your thoughts on the recent updates in US Immigration. Thanks for visiting.

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