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5 Secret Routes to US Citizenship in 2023 USCIS July 2023 Updates

5 Paths to US Citizenship That Most People Don’t Know About

Did you know obtaining US Citizenship involves securing a green card? Luckily, this blog talks about obscure pathways to US citizenship, helping you understand all the necessary details.

While you can get US permanent residency through family-based immigration, you also have alternative options, such as asylum status, employment, humanitarian grounds, and opportunities for people who are currently either undocumented or under DACA.

From National to Citizen

On one hand, all US citizens are US nationals, but on the other, the opposite doesn’t have much value. But what you must know is that US nationals born in American Swains or Samoa Island are free to apply for citizenship without obtaining permanent residency. However, they have to fulfill a few straightforward requirements.

Spousal Rights Post Bereavement

Widowers or widows of US citizens can submit an application for permanent residence by proving the sincerity and legitimacy of their marriage. Applicants don’t need to follow any minimum marriage duration to pass the eligibility criteria after 28 October 2009.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

This permits victims suffering severe family abuse to self-petition for lawful permanent resident status, ultimately caving a pathway to US Citizenship.

DACA Recipients & Undocumented Immigrants

Unfortunately, DACA doesn’t provide a direct pathway to citizenship. But, recipients and the remaining undocumented immigrants can acquire legal status by using family or employment-based routes.

Citizenship via Military Service

Special laws allow specific active-duty and veteran service officers of the US armed forces to bypass the naturalization process. This pathway nullifies continuous residence and physical presence requirements.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on USA immigration.


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