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New Canada Dental Benefit Now Open for Applications

Government of Canada has initiated a new provisional Canada Dental Benefit, which is now open for applications? It is noteworthy to note that this program is part of the Canadian government’s promise of making life more inexpensive for citizens of Canada. In today’s video update, we will talk about the details of the new Canada Dental Benefit and how you can apply for that benefit scheme.


What is the Canada Dental Benefit?


The Canada Dental Benefit is a brand new national dental-care program that offers funding for entitled Canadians to access dental services. Please note that the program covers a range of facilities, including check-ups, cleanings, fillings, and much more. Another thing to note here is that the benefit is available to individuals and families who fulfil the suitability criteria.



Who is Eligible for the Canada Dental Benefit?


Please note that to be eligible for the Canada Dental Benefit, you need to fulfil the following requirements:


  • Resident of Canada
  • Income of $90,000 or less for single individuals or $120,000 or less for families
  • Not have dental coverage via a public program or private insurance plan, for example the Non-Insured Health Benefits program


How to Apply for the Canada Dental Benefit


Applications for the Canada Dental Benefit can be made via the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website. To apply, applicants will be required to submit their personal information, including their Social Insurance Number, and declare to meeting the entitlement measures. The CRA will evaluate the application and notify successful applicants of their suitability.

The new Canada Dental Benefit is a great addition to the Canadian government’s efforts to make life more reasonable for Canadians. By offering funding for dental services, the Dental program will assist individuals and families access the care they require. If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, we urge you to apply for the Canada Dental Benefit via the CRA website.


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