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Lost your BRP Abroad? What Should You Do Next

Losing your BRP could be a nightmare for anyone. In this blog update, we cover the important steps that you must take if you lose your BRP abroad.

If your immigration status in the UK has been confirmed by a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), you should never leave the UK without your BRP card.

Your immigration status and permission to live in the UK are shown on a BRP card. In most cases, you will need to show this in order to re-enter the UK. So, if you lose your BRP while you are outside the country, if you lose your BRP while you are outside the country you must apply for an entry vignette, also known as a “replacement BRP visa,” in order to return to the UK to apply for a new BRP.

You must bear in mind that you might be returned to the country you travelled from or your home country from the UK, if you come without a replacement BRP Visa.

When a BRP is lost, what should you do?

  1.  Report the lost BRP

The initial step is to report your BRP as lost or taken on the Gov UK site. The next step is to report the lost BRP to the nearest police station. You should get a receipt for the police report and a crime reference number at the station.

       2: Getting A Replacement BRP and a one-time entry vignette

Be aware that a replacement BRP cannot be applied from outside the United Kingdom. The only time you can apply for a new BRP is when you get back to the UK.

A one-time entry vignette is required to enter the UK in the event that you lose your BRP outside of the UK. This request can be made at the overseas UK visa application center closest to you. You can enter the UK once more with the replacement BRP visa. The time it takes to process your application varies by country.

You will be able to apply for a new BRP once you have returned to the UK. After reporting it as lost or stolen, this must be completed within three months. If you do not apply for a replacement within three months, you also run the risk of being fined and forced to leave the United Kingdom.

For those with leave to remain in the UK, the processing time for a replacement BRP can take up to eight weeks from the date of the biometrics appointment. The biometrics appointment can take anywhere from three to six months to process if you have ILR.

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