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UK to Launch ETA System to Register Travelers Entering the UK as Visitor

UK To Introduce Electronic Travel Authorization for Visitors

A new Permission to Travel Scheme is going to be introduced in 2023 as per the UK government’s latest plans for immigration. Under the new scheme, all those who want to travel to the UK must get electronic authorization in advance.

Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA is a new scheme aimed at strengthening the border security of the UK. Plus, it allows the government to perform necessary assessments of travelers before letting them in the country.

Suppose a traveler is identified as a threat to national security. The government can easily disqualify such people from coming to the UK due to the ETA. It also saves the authorities from going through the trouble of detaining people at the border.

What’s important to note here is that the ETA is quite similar to the systems implemented to establish greater border security by UK’s international partners, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

It is expected that the European Union will introduce a similar scheme in 2023.

In addition to this, ETA is going to cost a fee. Eligible passport holders can come to the UK for a maximum of six months for business purposes and tourism.

The new scheme is going to be put into action in multiple phases starting in early 2023. It should be noted that this scheme is part of a much bigger plan of the UK to completely digitalize its borders by 2025. Plus, the UK hopes to improve border security, operational efficiency, and passenger experience.

Let’s talk about how it will prove helpful for travel and security among the CANZUK countries;

Streamlined and Efficient Travel:

For starters, the ETA is going to streamline the process of entering the UK for people coming from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The ETA is all about pre-screening people before granting them entry into the UK, ultimately cutting down lines at the border while reducing wait times to a great extent.

Greater Border Security

Secondly, the ETA is going to enable the UK government to run security checks on travelers before letting them in the country. As a result, security collaboration between CANZUK countries could be greatly enhanced by identifying potential threats beforehand.

Promotes Tourism and Business:

Furthermore, the ETA is going to allow eligible passport holders belonging to the CANZUK nations to come to the UK for six months for tourism and business purposes. This will ultimately promote tourism within the country and make it easier for business people to visit the UK. Needless to say, CANZUK international will look forward to increasing the time limits and coming up with ways to eliminate them completely.

The ETA system adopted by the UK is quite similar to the ones established by New Zealand, Australia, and Canada to strengthen border security.

It seems like CANZUK International favors the decision of the UK government to implement measures to reinforce security protocols at the country’s borders, following New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, which have also introduced a Permission to Travel scheme for travelers.

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