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New eVisa as BRP's Expires No More Biometric Residence Permits in the UK (UK BRP Card Expiring)

eVisas – Digital Proof of Your UK Immigration Status

With the ongoing influence of technology on our daily lives, immigration processes also welcome the digital landscape. UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) plans to introduce eVisa, replacing the hassles of physical documents with online UK immigration status records.

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How Can I Access The eVisas?

These eVisas are easily accessible by creating a UKVI account, which will be linked to your passport. It would enable you to effortlessly manage and update your information, including your contact details or other personal information. Moreover, the “view and prove service” generates a code to share time-limited access to your immigration information with third parties like landlords or employers. This system lets you prove your immigration status with a few clicks, eliminating the hassles of lost or stolen documents.

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How To Create a UKVI Account?

Before your BRP expires on December 31, 2024, UKVI will publicize guidelines for creating your UKVI account and accessing eVisas. Biometric residence card (BRC) holders who received status under the EU Settlement Scheme should already possess an eVisa. These BRC holders should explore their grant letter or email for information on accessing and utilizing their eVisa (digital status). Meanwhile, continue carrying your BRC when traveling internationally.


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Finally, physical document holders should monitor any further updates from UKVI regarding the switch to digital visa documentation.

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