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Investor Visa UK (Tier 1) – UK Permanent Residency ~ Tier 1 Investor Visa UK

Can a UK Investor Visa Be Extended?

Are you an Investor visa holder wondering how to extend your visa since this route is not available anymore. Read this blog for more details.

Relocation to the UK was permitted to those who made a minimum investment of £2 million in eligible UK firms as determined by the Home Office through the Tier 1 Investor visa route. Typically, this means financing active UK enterprises with loan capitals or shares.

If you already have an Investor Visa, you might be able to extend it for further 2 years, although this category was shut down in February 2022, to avoid inconveniences the application for the extension must be submitted before 17 of February, 2026.

Settlement application (indefinite leave to remain) must be submitted before 17 February, 2028.

Qualifying Investment:

Date of your initial Investor Visa application is very important for the eligibility for your extension.

Over time, the UK government revised which investments are allowed under the Investor Visa. At first, investment in government bonds was acceptable but later that changed into only investing in the UK companies that are active.

Additionally, the needed investment amount rose from £1m to £2m.

Because of this, it is mighty important to check the correct section of the UK Immigration Rules thoroughly when you are applying for an extension or the settlement application under the Investment route.

Application Process

No matter if you are applying from the UK or abroad, you can submit an application online. If you are using the standard service, the typical turnaround time for this kind of application is 8 weeks from the date of your online application. The priority service, which typically ensures a decision within 5 working days of your biometrics appointment, can be used if you need a decision sooner.

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