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Latest Australia Immigration News The Quest for Australian Citizenship and Nationality

Australian citizenship is a dream for many but a challenge for some. In this blog, learn who is facing complexity and whether there is any hope.


The Dilemma of Australian Families

There have been rising issues concerning some families living in Australia for over a decade on a temporary visa. Even though their children are born and raised in the country and are privileged to become citizens on their 10th birthday, their parents still face visa limitations. These restrictions make it difficult for them to work and travel, and they feel uncertain and stressed about their future.

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Demands For Changes To Visa Laws

A petition calling for a review to change the visa law for these parents has garnered almost 11,000 signatures. The petition is advocating for better options in their favour. A family in Sydney is a perfect example of the challenges faced by families in Australia. Their daughter is an Australian citizen, having been born and raised in the country, but her parents are still on a bridging visa and are worried about their future.

A Hope For The Future

The overarching sentiment is clear: these families seek stability and a chance to build a life in Australia without the constant threat of visa complications.

They hope that the Australian government will listen to their calls and make necessary changes to the visa laws so that all residents can have a brighter future, regardless of their Australian nationality and citizenship status.

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