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Breaking News Australian Student Visa Fee Increased to $2500

Breaking News Australian Student Visa Fee Increased to $2500

International students who are planning to pursue their studies in Australia are about to land in a bit of a pickle, with making plans for a massive raise on Australia student visa fees. Let’s find out more about this change.

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What’s The Reason Behind Australia’s Student Visa Fee Increment?

Australia is planning to support the rent subsidies of domestic students through the additional revenue generated from the student visa fee hike. International students will be faced with a colossal jump on the visa fee, from $710 to $2,500.

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However, as expected, this proposal was faced with a surge of contrasting opinions. Opponents have raised the issue of international students being discouraged by this massive change. They voiced that this decision could ultimately affect the Australian economy significantly since enrollment fees for international students make up a notable revenue path for Australian universities.

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On the other hand, supporters of the proposal believe that this fee increment would, in turn, offer a competitive edge for Australian universities. They believe that domestic students would receive considerable financial aid from the universities, creating a welcoming space for study.

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A pivotal point to be noted is that the repercussions of this disputed proposal are undoubtedly complicated. Although seemingly this decision could resolve domestic student’s pressing concerns about rent affordability, it could also generate unexpected ramifications for universities and especially for international students.

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