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Why is Australia Still A Heaven For International Students?

Are you a student planning to move abroad to study? Then, know that Australia is one of the top destinations for many. Learn more about why it is so in this blog.

Australia remains a top choice for international students. Recent data recorded over 661,000 student visa holders in Australia as of August 2023. Deliberate policy enhancements are the reason behind this surge.


Generous Work Rights

Australia’s generous work rights are one of the major factors that attract international students. The country has also extended post-study work rights, making it a more enticing study destination than others. In July 2023, for specific degree holders, the right was extended by two years, creating a route for great employment after graduation.

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Strategic Migration Pacts

Australia’s strategic migration pacts, particularly with India, have significantly influenced this inrush. Provisions such as five-year student visas and extended work rights for Indian graduates are included in this pact, making it easier for students to transition to work life in the country.

Implications on Local Infrastructure

Apart from the perks, this inrush presents some challenges as well. The surge in the number of international students has contributed to the ongoing rental crisis in Australia, with the rental market in major cities extremely tight.

Australia requires keen management over the flow of international students and the resulting pressure on infrastructure to ensure that students and the local community are equally benefited.

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