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Discover the Secrets Why Australia's PR Visa Attracts High Volume Applications Australia News

 Why Is Gaining Permanent Residency in Australia Relatively Easy?

There are various pathways to getting a Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia. Many say that this is a challenging process, but comparatively, it’s quite straightforward. If you want to make your Australian aspirations come true, then this blog is for you.


Primary Routes for an Australian PR Visa

There are four primary routes that Australia offers you for permanent residency:

  • The skilled stream permanent visa
  • The family stream permanent visa
  • The business or investor stream permanent visa
  • The work stream permanent visa

Each visa has its own standard of eligibility. The complexity of the PR acquisition process depends on the visa you are applying for.

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Australian PR Perks

Once the PR status is granted, you can enjoy various privileges that are provided to citizens, including:

  • Potential eligibility for Australian citizenship
  • Access to Medicare
  • Local public education for children
  • Permanent employment opportunities
  • Work rights in New Zealand Property purchase at local tax rates

Even when the PR process is easy, it raises concern about the visa’s value. An inrush of permanent migrants can heavily impact resources such as:

  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare

As Australia is already facing housing challenges, how will it handle the growing population? Stay tuned to learn more.

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