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Tough Rules Announced by Australian Government for International Students

In today’s video update, we’ll discuss about Australia Tightening Student Visa Rules for International Students. So stay tuned till the end so you don’t miss any updates.


Did you known that Australia has tightened student visa rules, aiming to decrease migrant intake by 50% in two years. In today’s blog update we’ll Explore the reasons, objectives, and the potential impact on international students!

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Recently the Government of Australia announced to tighten student visa rules for international students and low-skilled workers. The policy aims to decrease Australia’s migrant intake by 50% from a record high of 510,000, within the next two years. The government is cutting down student intake in Australia to address worries about a “broken” migration system and rising pressure on infrastructure and housing. As per Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil, the increase in net overseas migration is mainly because of an upsurge in international students.

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It was also noted that Australia amplified its annual migration numbers in 2023 to tackle workforce shortages triggered by strict border controls during the Covid-19 pandemic, which had prevented students and workers away for almost two years. On the other hand, the growing number of international workers and students has made it harder to find affordable rentals, leading to a rise in homelessness. According to a survey for the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, 62% of Australian voters think that Australia’s migration intake is too extreme.

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Possible Impact on International Students

According to the latest report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics mentioned that International students have been the biggest international student group in Australia since the year 2012. Thus, they may be mostly affected by the stricter Australia student visa obligations.

They may be required to get higher English test scores and prove a stronger academic focus to attain Australian Student Visas. Furthermore, Temporary Graduate visa now needs a higher IELTS score of 6.5 instead of the previous 6.0. Please keep in mind that for those applying for a student visa, the minimum obligated score remains at 6.0.

Please keep in mind that the financial obligations for visa application have been increased. Students desiring to study in Australia need to prove savings of a minimum of 24,505 AUD. This amount is 17% higher than before.

Furthermore, A new “genuine student test” will measure whether students are really interested to study in Australia or looking for an alternative route to stay in Australia.

Moreover, from 23rd March, 2024, there was an increased imposition of “no further stay” restrictions on visitor visas.

Please keep in mind that, Students extending their stay will face amplified inspection to make sure they are contributing to Australia’s skills requirements.

A new visa for highly skilled workers will be initiated with a quick processing time of one week. This will make it easier for companies to hire top migrants, particularly when facing tough competition from other advanced economies.

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As per the new regulations, the Government of Australia can defer schools and other education providers from registering international students if they carry on to break the rules set by the Australian Government.


Clare O’Neil, Home Affairs Minister stated that “The move will continue to drive migration levels down while delivering on our commitments in the migration strategy to fix the broken system we inherited,”


Please keep in mind that Australia is home to over 650,000 international students and an increasing number of them are deciding to stay longer by applying for a second course, for example MS in Australia. Out of the total, 150,000 students are presently on their second student visa. The new Australian Immigration regulation plans to prevent visa hopping, where international students or visitors switch between migration categories to extend their stay while doing unskilled jobs in Australia.

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Moreover, the Government of Australia has implied at more notorious immigration policies, for example restricting the number of international students or increasing student visa application fees, if the current Immigration plan doesn’t decrease net migration to 250,000 by June 2025.


Our blog ends here. We hope this video has shed light on the Changes in Australian Student Visa Rules. If you have any further queries or topics you would like us to explore in future blogs, please feel free to comment below.

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