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September 4, 2022

Know-How On UK’s Unmarried Partner Visa

Our Blog update for today discusses the process of bringing an unmarried partner to the United Kingdom.

British citizens, Irish citizens, and individuals who are settled in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for sponsorship for their unmarried partner to enter the UK to live with them.

The Conditions For An Unmarried Partner Visa.

Contrary to applications from married partners, candidates must confirm that they have lived with each other for a minimum of two years in a relationship similar to marriage or a civil partnership prior to submitting an application. This condition is known as the ˜cohabitation requirement”.

Applicants and their sponsor must demonstrate that they are in an honest and subsisting relationship and plan to live together permanently in the United Kingdom following the grant of the visa. There are also further requirements regarding English language proficiency and financial aid.

How Can You Provide Evidence For Cohabitation?

The cohabitation condition calls for concrete evidence and closely relates to the authentic and subsisting relationship requirement. This can generally be attained by providing joint bank statements, utility bills showing the sponsor’s name and the applicant’s or official documentation from the UK tax or health authorities. In the lack of correspondence directed jointly to the couple, documentation that was sent to the individuals to the exact address around the same time can be submitted.


What Is The Timeframe For Processing An Unmarried Partner Visa?

Application processing for unmarried partner visas typically takes 3 months. However, the Home Office at present is experiencing delays and has extended the timeframe to 6 months.

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