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How To Choose The Correct UK Partner Visa Marriage Visit Spouse Unmarried Partner Or Fiancé

How To Choose The Correct UK Partner Visa Marriage Visit, Spouse, Unmarried Partner, Or Fiancé?

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of UK partner visas and also provide valuable tips on how to choose the right one.

The government of the UK is expected to change the family visa policies in Spring 2024.  People are curious about how to pick the most suitable visa options. This change is crucial for individuals who want to stay with their settled or British partners.

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1. Unmarried Partner Route

This route is more flexible and serves couples in substantial relationships without marriage.

2. Fiancé Visas

This visa caters to individuals planning to marry their British or settled partner in the UK. They also have the option to switch to the Spouse route without leaving the UK.

3. Spouse Visa

This visa is suitable for married couples intending permanent settlements.

4. Marriage Visit Visa

This visa is ideal for people planning to marry in the UK but have no intention of being permanent UK residents. It facilitates:

  • Notifying marriage intention
  • Registering the marriage or civil partnership
  • Accompanying ceremonies within the UK

Please note that you are expected to leave the UK once the marriage ceremony is over under this visa. However, marriage visit visa holders do not have the option to switch to other partner visas while staying in the UK.

Contrarily, people considering a long-term stay should review the visas under Appendix FM to select UK settlement routes, each serving diverse relationship circumstances. Additionally, the individual’s relationship status and financial stability should be considered when determining the appropriate visa.

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Requirements for UK Partner Visas

Moreover, the following requirements remain the same for all of these partner visas:

  • Showing an authentic relationship
  • Meeting the English language proficiency
  • Guaranteeing decent accommodation
  • Fulfilling the financial requirements

However, exceptions are applicable in cases of overwhelming hindrances or exceptional situations that call for seeking legal counseling.


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Finally, understanding your relationship dynamics and future plans is key in picking the right option for the UK partner visa. As these forthcoming changes are planned, making timely and informed decisions is crucial.

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