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Payment of Immigration Health Surcharge IHS or Application for Fee Waiver

New Updates For Innovator & Hong Kong BN(O) Pathways

In today’s update, we will discuss the new changes introduced to the Family, Innovator and Hong Kong BN(O) pathways.

Those applying on the Innovator and Hong Kong BN(O) routes must pay the IHS within 14 days.

Those applying on the family routes such as partner, parent, child or private life must either pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) within a fortnight or apply for a fee waiver within that period.


It is essential to assess your position and make the proper application as there will be no reimbursement of the settlement fee. There is no need to pay additional fees for the application for permission to stay.

At the fortnight’s end, the caseworker will check whether the Immigration Health Surcharge has been paid or a fee exemption application has been made. If the Immigration Health Surcharge has been paid, the candidate will be given permission to stay. If a fee exemption application has been made and it is successful, permission will be granted. If unsuccessful, the caseworker will write again, informing the candidate that they have 14 days to pay the IHS.


If this is not paid or, where applicable, a fee exemption has not been requested, the application will be rejected. The fee will not be refunded as the settlement application will have been thoroughly evaluated.


The guideline applies even where a person has time remaining on their present permission. The new grant of permission will alter the existing permission. If the candidate does not pay the IHS or apply for a fee waiver, their application will still be rejected as invalid. But, if they have a legitimate leave, it will continue to exist unless it is cancelled. The guideline confirms that any remaining leave should not be cancelled without a basis to do so.


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