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Australia Job Sponsorship Made Easy Your Guide to Securing a Sponsor in Australia

How to Find a Sponsor in Australia

In today’s video, we will focus on a couple of top tips to locate an Employer who can Sponsor your visa to Australia.


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How can you find a company to sponsor you?


If you are unable to attract invites via the Australian General Skilled Migration, then finding an organization to sponsor your visa to live and work in Australia may be your only chance of acquiring a pathway to permanent residency.

Please keep in mind that the process to find a sponsor may vary depending on your profession or whether you are inside or applying from outside Australia.


But don’t lose hope. There are still 3 ways through which you can fulfill your dreams.

Prove your Worth for Australian Visa Sponsorship

The most essential thing you can do is seek employment in a company and prove that you are worth them remunerating the fee for sponsorship.  Another factor to be noted here is that an employer has to pay thousands of dollars to sponsor a non-Australian worker, so they want to know that you are a valuable asset.

Please note that, If you can get to Australia on a WHV or Student Visa, this could allow you to demonstrate to the company that you would be an asset.

Utilize Job Search Websites for Visa Sponsorship Opportunities

You can get a sponsor via job search websites. The websites we are referring to include Seek, Indeed, LinkedIn, & Jora, etc. But please be mindful, you should never waste your time communicating businesses that will never sponsor you. Most companies are not in a position to sponsor an employee who is not an Australian Citizen, so it is advised that you be very precise in your job search.


You also need to make sure that you have the right experience and qualifications. Before you contact an employer or recruiter, please make sure that you have the right education and qualification to seek employment in the job role you’re applying for in Australia.


Securing Australian Relocation via Intra-Company Transfers

This means obtaining work within an organization in your home country that has offices in Australia. Then you prove that you are a capable and accomplished employee in that organization, and then get relocated over to Australia.


This brings us to the end of today’s video update. But we’ll remind you that the aforementioned information is common in nature and you must get in touch with a specialist migration agent to learn more about your specific conditions.


Thanks for reading out today’s blog update. Please comment below if you found this update useful. Thanks for visiting us today!

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