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Australian Golden Visa – The Ticket To Permanent Residence   1

How much it costs to get a ‘golden visa’ in Australia

Have you guys ever thought about the price tag on Australia’s ‘golden visa’? Well, get ready, because it’s a relatively exciting world out there!


If you are a wealthy individual, there are countries worldwide, from the USA to Australia, that will roll out the welcome mat for you. They offer something called residence by investment, and it’s not just a ticket to reside there; it’s a golden opportunity to work, study, and also attain healthcare in a whole new country.


Experts at Henley and Partners call these “golden visa programs,” and they are a big deal for the famous and the rich. Visualize having homes in various nations and just flying whenever you feel like it. Sounds like a dream, right?

Our team did some research and came across 11 places where you can eventually ‘buy citizenship.’ There’s a catch! Golden visas and citizenship by investment programs are not the same. A golden visa gets you residency for a while, but citizenship? That’s like being a natural-born citizen of the country.



Now, back to Australia. If you have got AUD 2,500,000 to capitalize and a year to wait, you can get a golden visa in Australia. After five years, you could be calling yourself an Australian citizen. How amazing is that?


If you want to know more details please comment below. Thanks for reading out today’s blog update.

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