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Trigger Warning International Students in Australia used for Sx trafficking

Tackling Alleged Sex Trafficking in Australia’s Student Network

We’re going to dive into some alarming allegations of sex trafficking and the regulatory crackdown in response to this. So keep reading.


A federal report has unveiled an underground network of corrupt education agents. They’re accused of smuggling students into Australia to work in the sex industry.


This network is connected through various family ties and business co-ownerships. It’s believed that they’ve enrolled at least 128 non-genuine students in colleges while charging  5,000AUD per student.


These agents have managed the visa process and study-related transactions, creating a playground for trafficking and exploitation.

What Sparked The Investigation?


It all came to light when the media rang the alarm bell exposing what seemed like criminal activity. This prompted a former Victorian police commissioner – Christine Nixon to take a good hard look into Australia’s visa system.


She was appalled when horrendous abuse was found. Nixon stressed on the need to reassure Australia as a safe place for visitors and students.

She shared a few ideas on how to tackle this issue. Her suggestions include direct overseeing of these agents and adopting a US-style certification system.


She also believes in keeping a closer eye on college reporting for student attendance and a 3-month targeted compliance operation.


An immigration expert, however, has cautioned against going overboard. He mentioned that the immigration staff is already under extreme pressure with a high volume of visa applications and soaring rates of rejections.



He pointed out that tightening the regulations is necessary, but it must be targeted and effective rather than choking parts of the industry.

For more information and updates on Australian immigration, keep following this space.

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