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August 25, 2022

Home Office Planning To Abandon Traditional BRP

In today’s blog, we will update you about the UK government’s new plans regarding Biometric Residence Permit.

According to the Home Office, it intends to move away from the physical BRP card as evidence of a right to rent and live in the UK. Instead, it is moving towards a fully digital system in 2024.

The Home Office stated that the border and immigration system is going through an end-to-end transformation. The department is planning to leave the complex system, which is dependent on people proving their rights through physical documents that are sometimes years old, to a simple system that is digital by default. The goal is to achieve this by the end of 2024.

How Does This Impact The Employers And Landlords?

Previously, both employers and landlords were able to accept BRP cards as proof of an individual’s right to rent and right to work in the UK under the Right to Rent Scheme and Right to Work scheme.

Detail for using the Right to Rent Scheme as a landlord and Right to Work Scheme as an employer, can be found in the description box.


When Did The Change Come Into Effect?

These changes commenced on 6 April 2022. Employers and landlords who have hired or rented out from this date have to use the digital service and the two schemes as proof of rights in the UK. But, there have been reports of landlords and employers who are reluctant to use this digital check because it may be too much for them to do.

Landlords and employers do not have to check the Right to Rent or Right to Work of employees or tenants if they have been hired or rented to from 6 April 2022.

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