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August 20, 2022

Europe’s New High-Speed Rails To Replace Planes

In this Blog, we will analyse EU Working Towards Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Europe is working to restrict the emission of Greenhouse Gas (GAG) on a priority basis after the continuous heat wave in Europe. According to recent reports, the aviation sector generates almost 14% per cent of the emissions, whereas the percentage will increase with the increasing travel demand.

The European Union has announced a plan to increase high-speed rail use by 2030 and will triple its levels by 2050. The proposed railway will be spread throughout every major city in the European Union, making it the prominent (leading) form of transport between European cities.

Currently, Europe has dedicated thousands of kilometres to these high-speed railways. However, it is to focus primarily on the domestic market. Europe is known for 60 % of the world‘s high-speed train networks, whereas Asia is known for the fastest trains.

According to the new report issued by European Commission, transport is responsible for emitting a quarter of the overall EU greenhouse gas emissions. Road travel and aviation are the top two generators of greenhouse gas emitters within that sector. Rail is considered much greener and can be used as an alternative to both.


Sustainability Of The Plan

This plan aims to triple the miles of the existing rail lines by 2050 throughout Europe. But critics perceive that it might seem impossible to deliver this project considering Europe’s weather.

Construction across the international border of conflicting nations within the European Union might be another obstacle to this project. Finalising routes will cause disagreement between clashing interests.

Some of the officials of the European Union have acknowledged the plan and consider it the future of feasible travel in Europe, while others are pretty cautious about it.

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