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New Delays in UK Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) ~ UK BPR Updates 2023


In today’s blog update, we’ll be discussing the Delay in the production of biometric residence permits (BRPs).

Last week some visa applicants were notified by the Home Office via email that they should expect delays with their BRP’s production.

This is because the DWP is currently dealing with more than usual application inquiries that are slowing down the process of allocating NINOs to overseas BRP applicants for printing.

Some candidates might have already received their NINOs, but the Home Office won’t be able to print your BRP until the DWP is done with their procedures. The Home Office knows of the delays and is in collaboration with the Department of Work and Pensions to have the matter resolved as fast as possible thus, applicants do not need to contact either department.


What to do while waiting the BRP delivery.

The BRP is a unique identification document given to a foreign national on a visa or an immigration permit to live, study or work in the UK. Your BRP is a vital document that proves that you legally reside in the UK.

However, if the delay has got to you waiting for the BRP, it is still possible to prove your status and obtain services until that happens.

To work, then, you should request your employer to use the Employer Checking Service to prove that you are eligible to work. Upon receiving the request, the Home Office confirms the right to work straight to the employer’s office to enable them to perform their statutory duties.

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However, if you are required to show your entitlement, you can ask your landlord to use the Landlord Checking Service. Thereafter, upon receipt of the request, the home office confirms to the landlord that they can fulfill their statutory duties in regard to the right to rent.

The Home Office’s SVEC will provide necessary confirmation, upon request, to the NHS, local authorities, or any other UK government department. This will be done using the same arrangements they already have.

In case you are required to register with a GP surgery in the UK, you do not have to show your immigration status because there is no cost attached. You can also get help on how to register with a GP here.

NHS can verify your status if you are seeking secondary health care from the NHS. Such Home Office communication channels exist. In the case where you get asked by the NHS, tell them that you have your BRP arriving soon. SVEC is the Home Office unit that the NHS ought to contact in case they want to verify your status.

You should be able to open a UK bank account even without your BRP. It is a commercial decision for the bank in question; hence a customer, having no BRP should not be barred from opening a bank account.

Immigration statuses are going digital

The government through the Home Office is currently introducing a digital immigration system. This implies that instead of physical documents they are changing into an online record of your visa. This form of an eVisa.

The current BRPs would expire on 31st December 2024, regardless of the duration you are eligible to remain in the UK. The Home Office plans to phase out the issue of BRPs beyond this date and will move to digital immigration statuses.

If you are staying presently in the UK and have BRP, BRC, or physical documents that confirm your immigration status, there is no need to worry now. Updates on your requirement in 2024 to sign up for a UKVI account, and how to sign up for it will be provided by the Home Office throughout 2024.

Our today’s blog ends here. Thanks for reading out today’s update.

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