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Breaking 1000 International Students at Risk of Deportation US Student Visa 2023

Examination Fraud Puts 1,000+ International Students at Risk of Deportation

An examination fraud operation affecting more than 1,000 overseas students, most of them Gujarati, studying in US universities was exposed recently. The scheme is believed to have assisted students in securing illegitimate university admissions, making them vulnerable to deportation. Reports suggest that the scam had something to do with conspirators using Bluetooth-enabled devices during IELTS exams to discreetly provide answers. The IELTS exam is a prerequisite every student must take to get admission to a US university.



The authorities have arrested the culprits, Maheshwara Cherla (Reddy), Sagar Hirani, and Chandrashekhar Karlapudi, in India. The trio, who also happens to have notable academic qualifications and accomplishments, ran the racket seamlessly, demanding up to $860 to help every aspiring student.



Moreover, the Cyber Cell and Mehsana Police have charged and arrested 42 people who are allegedly involved in this scam. The authorities also recovered a pile of electronic devices, likely to have been used in the crime. The FBI has also started investigating the matter, which could result in the deportation of implicated students.

This scandal simply shows how far some people are willing to go to pursue education in international universities. Plus, it has once again damaged the reputation of legitimate Indian students who belong to the largest ethnic groups seeking education in the US.

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