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Types Of US Student Visas For International Students

International students first need to secure admission to an accredited institute in the United States certified by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program before applying for any of the US student visas.



Three types of student visas offered by the United States government are F, J, and M.

Let’s help you learn about them.

F-1 visa: It is a highly common US student visa to pursue academic studies. F-1 visa is for international students interested in pursuing full-time academic studies in an accredited university, college, or other educational institutes in the United States.

J-1 visa: This is a visa specifically designed for individuals interested in participating in student exchange programs in the US, such as research programs, cultural exchange programs, and study abroad programs.

M-1 visa: The US government offers this visa for people interested in pursuing non-academic or vocational education in the United States by enrolling in study programs in trade or technical schools.

As mentioned earlier, international students are first required to get admission to an accredited institute in the US certified by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) before applying for any of the student visas. Interestingly, an institute may not have regional or national accreditation even if it is certified by SEVP and allowed to grant DS-2019 and I-20 forms to the students for a visa.

You may check the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation databases to confirm an institute’s accreditation status.



Don’t forget two different US government agencies are responsible for dealing with the arrival and status of international students during their stay in the United States. The US State Department takes care of the visa application and issues the visa. Once a student visa holder arrives, the US Department of Homeland Security manages entry into the country and enforces international student regulations.

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