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US Student Visa 2024 US On Its Way To Reach Record Number of Student Visas USCIS 2024 Updates

US On Its Way To Reach Record Number of Student Visas

Did you know that the US is on its way to issuing the highest number of student visas since 2016?

More than 392,000 visas were issued during fiscal 2023 compared to 471,728 F1 visas in 2016.

When comparing fiscal 2022, where 411,131 visas were issued, the US must reach more than 40,000 grants by September to beat last year’s record.

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What’s The F1 Visa?

Basically, the F1 Visa is for students who plan to enroll in full-time degrees and academic programs at US institutions.

In 2015, an all-time high of 644,000 visas was reached. Although this number remains unmatched, the current numbers seem to grow steadily.

According to the Institute of International Education, there has been a growth in international student enrollments since last September since the drop during the 2020-21 pandemic.

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US: A Hotspot For International Students

Recently a few Asian countries have witnessed quite a rise in visa issuance. To be exact, they’ve hit a 25-year peak in student visas. These countries are:

  • Nepal
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam
  • Bangladesh

Let’s not forget that Africa, too, is experiencing a surge. Ghana and Nigeria are already setting new records. During the pandemic in 2020, Africa held 7,333 visas. This number changed drastically in 2022, with over 30,700 student visas.


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What About China & India?

According to State Department data and the 2022 Open Doors report, India and China are the primary contributors. Around 52 percent of US international students were from these two countries.

Although China had a drop of 9%, in 2022, they sent 290,086 students to the US. Meanwhile, India rose 19%, where 200,000 students were sent.

In 2022, India became the second-largest source of international students, where the US embassies in India issued more than 125,000 new student visas.

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