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Green Card New Rule Changes 2023 More Benefits for Green Card Other Visas

USCIS Introduces A New Rule For Green Card Applicants

According to the announcement by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, medical examinations for green card applications no longer need to be carried out 60 days before filing the application.



That’s right; the USCIS has put an end to the 60-day rule permanently. As a result, green card applicants don’t need to get their I-693 Form signed by the civil surgeon 60 days before submitting their applications. Applicants and employers should know that the I-693 Form will now remain valid for submission for a maximum of two years after the civil surgeon signs it. Therefore, an applicant whose I-485 application doesn’t get approved within two years may have to repeat the medical examination process. In case you are wondering, applications are often refused due to delayed filing by the applicant or adjudication by the USCIS.



The lifting of the 60-day rule is exciting for applicants, civil surgeons, federal partners, USCIS officers, and the rest of the stakeholders. Extending the validity of a signed I-693 Form for two years eliminates the need to go through the medical examination process again, saving significant time for applicants and civil surgeons. The new amendment is expected to streamline the green card application process to a great extent.

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