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UK's New e Visas coming from 2024 ~ UK BRP 2024

UK’s New eVisas coming from 2024

In today’s blog update, we’ll talk about the Roll-out of eVisas in the UK over 2024.

Online immigration status through phased rollout will change international recruitment and right-to-work checks.

By 2024, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will supersede physical immigration documents including biometric residence permits, and vignettes, and introduce digital immigration status (e-Visa). This is an aspect of the objective to establish a digital Britain, which means making the UK immigration system digital by default.


eVisas are already a component of the UK immigration system under the EU settlement program.

This will also change the manner in which international recruits seek visas, enter the UK, and prove the right to work.

The view and prove service will require applicants to open a UKVI account where they can securely share relevant information with other parties like employers. Applicants will also update personal details like current passport information and provide share codes to prospective employers to prove their right to work.

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Benefits of eVisas include:

  • Safer and not susceptible to losing, stealing, faking, or destroying as a paper document can.
  • No need to wait for, or gather, a hard-copy document.
  • Faster and easier to establish status at the UK border.

During 2024, UKVI will contact applicable visa holders including skilled workers to sign up for a UKVI account. The government predicts reaching out to skilled workers in 2024 for electronic visa applications. Dependents and students (people on the student visa) will receive letters from other groups in different months.

In this respect, the UK Government informs employers of changes in it. Information will be provided on when those on the skilled worker visa will be approached to develop a UKVI account, its implications regarding right-to-work checking, and interaction with the sponsor management system.

Please keep in mind that the official GOV.UK portal has updates on eVisas for employers so don’t forget to visit the website for complete information.

Our blog ends here. Thanks for reading today’s update.


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