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Confirmation Of Canada PR (COPR)/ Landing Papers

What is The Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)?

In today’s blog, we will discuss the Confirmation of Permanent Residence or COPR document and the immigration categories appearing on it. We’ll also look at how the COPR differs from a PR card.

The Confirmation of Permanent Residence or COPR is a document that is provided by the IRCC when you immigrate to Canada. The COPR form approves your permanent residence in Canada. The form number for COPR is IMM 5688. A few years earlier, the form replaced the previous landing paper, IMM 1000.

You can see the following on a COPR form:

Applicant’s personal details, including name, date of birth, sex, and citizenship.

Application number, UCL, and document number

Details of the application (e.g., date of issuance, location, and category)

Additional information (such as medical records, sponsor’s details, if applicable, and dependents)

If you apply for permanent residence from inside Canada, you’ll receive an eCOPR which doesn’t need validation. However, if you are applying from outside of Canada, you need to validate the form with the help of a CBSA officer by taking it to the port of entry.

What’s the difference between Permanent Resident Card and COPR

The PR card verifies your permanent resident status in Canada at any time, while a COPR only shows the date you became a permanent resident of Canada. With the help of a PR card, you can travel to Canada. If your PR has exceeded the expiry date outside Canada, you’ll need a PRTD to return to Canada. Likewise, the same applies when you have lost your PR card. The COPR can neither assist you in traveling to Canada nor it can help you in applying for a PR card or verifying your status.

Category types on approval of PR form

The categories listed on the IRCC website are the following:

COPR economic immigration category codes

  • MST-FED: Skilled Trades – Federal
  • CG: Caring for Children Program
  • LC2: Dependant of a member of the live-in caregivers in Canada class residing abroad
  • NV5-FED: Investor – Federal
  • SW1-QC: Skilled Worker – Quebec
  • SUD-FED: Startup Business
  • CEC: Canadian Experience Class
  • EN2-FED: Entrepreneur – Federal
  • EN2-QC: Entrepreneur – Québec
  • SE2-QC: Self-employed – Quebec
  • SE2-FED: Self-employed – Federal
  • NV5-QC: Investor – Quebec
  • SW1-FED: Skilled Worker – Federal
  • PV2: Provincial Nominee – Chosen by provinces other than Quebec
  • LC: In-Canada Live-in Caregiver
  • HMN: Caring for People with High Medical Needs Program

If the FED appendix is not added, it means Federal options. For instance, SE2 intends SE2-FED. You must be aware of your immigration category if you’re an applicant.

COPR family class category codes

  • FC1: Spouse
  • FC3: Son/Daughter
  • FC4: Parent/Grandparent
  • FC5: Orphaned sibling/nephew/niece/grandchild
  • FC6: Child to be adopted in Canada
  • FC7: Other Relative
  • FC9: Child adopted by perm resident of Canada
  • FCC: Common Law Partner
  • FCD: Dependant of a member of the spousal in Canada class residing abroad
  • FCE: Conjugal Partner

COPR refugee category codes

Refugee category codes on COPR

  • REF-CLM: Refugee Claim
  • REF-OVS: Refugee Overseas
  • DR: REF-CDA residing abroad and in Canada dependant and who has not been considered to be a Convention refugee in their own right
  • REF-CDA: In-Canada Refugee and Protected Persons
  • RA: Country of Asylum
  • RS: Source Country
  • CR: Convention Refugee
  • DR2: Dependant of CR8 refugee claimant residing abroad and who has not been considered to be a Convention refugee in their own right
  • BSR: Blended Sponsorship Refugee

Sometimes, CR8 is used in place of CR for convention refugees.

COPR category codes for other application classes

  • PP1: Public Policy Processing – application under A25(1) based on public policy processed per ministerial guidelines
  • RM2: Dependant of a member of the deferred removal class residing abroad
  • PD2: Dependant residing abroad of a member of the post-determination refugee claimant in Canada class
  • DPO: Dependant of a member of the in-Canada H&C and TRP class – Admissibility residing abroad

COPR non-immigration category codes

You can take the help of the following list to understand other codes that appear on a COPR. Note that these codes do not directly refer to permanent.

  • SV: Status Verification
  • TRP: Temporary Resident Permit
  • RHB: Rehabilitation
  • ARC: Authorization to Return to Canada
  • PRTD: Permanent resident travel document

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