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How to Apply For a Canadian Study Permit ~ Application to study in Canada

How To Get Your Canadian Study Permit Application Approved?

People applying to study in Canada must consider the eligibility criteria. Plus, they need to be able to convince the immigration officer who reviews their application. We’ll talk more about it in this blog and tell you about your next steps in case your application is refused.

Canada has been a highly preferred destination for international students for a very long time. Every year, a huge number of students from all over the world come to Canada to receive a high standard of education from internationally accredited schools. Did you know that 450000 international students came to Canada to study in 2021?

Canada hosts a huge number of international students every year, but a lot of study permit applications are also refused. Those applying for study permits in Canada must consider the eligibility criteria of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, or IRCC, along with the discretion of the IRCC immigration officer who reviews their applications.

First and foremost, you should ensure that you are eligible for a Canadian study permit. In order to fulfill the eligibility criteria, applicants must prove the following;

  • Applicants must give proof of their admission at a Designated Learning Institution, also known as DLI. In case you don’t know, a DLI is an institution authorized by a territorial or provincial government to give admission to international students seeking education.
  • Secondly, an applicant needs to prove that they are a law-abiding citizen without any criminal record. Moreover, the eligibility criteria demand that applicants do not pose any threat to the national security of Canada. Applicants may also require a police clearance certificate.
  • In addition to this, applicants might need to take a medical exam and prove that they are fully healthy.

Most importantly, applicants must realize that the outcome of their study permit application also relies on the discretion of the immigration officer tasked with reviewing their application.

How To Convince The Immigration Officer?

Immigration officers who review applications need to be completely assured that an applicant is capable of fulfilling the conditions of their stay in Canada as a student.

Apart from failing to meet the eligibility criteria, there are two most common situations, in which applications are rejected as applicants are unable to convince immigration officers.

  1. The first situation is when immigration officers are not convinced that the sole purpose of an applicant visiting Canada is to study. Between 2019 and 2021, 77% of study permit applications were rejected because of this reason.
  2. The second situation is when immigration officers are not convinced that an applicant will leave Canada as soon as their education is completed. Between 2019 and 2021, 26% of study permit applications were rejected by IRCC for this reason.

Therefore, all applicants must review their applications carefully to ensure that they fulfill every requirement.

Now, here’s how an applicant can make sure that their study permit applications are approved.

  • Applicants need to make sure that their previous education logically aligns with the studies they are trying to pursue in Canada.
  • Moreover, applicants must submit authorized documents as proof of their financial status.
  • Applicants must also meet the English or French language requirements for Canadian immigration.
  • If there is a long gap in an applicant’s studies, they need to have a good explanation for it.
  • An applicant must prove that they will leave Canada after completing their studies.
  • If an applicant has also applied for permanent residence, they need to complete a dual intent application. For those who are not aware, dual intent is when a foreigner submits a permanent residence application while applying to visit Canada temporarily as a student, worker, or visitor.

It is advisable to add other relevant documents and information that gives confidence to the immigration officer reviewing your study permit application.

Furthermore, applicants could also be eligible for different streams of study permits, so make sure to consider such options as well. For instance, the Student Direct Stream is often preferred by citizens of certain countries to acquire a Canadian study permit. The eligibility requirements are pretty strict for this stream, which is why acceptance rates are also higher. Plus, applications that fall under the Student Direct Stream also enjoy reduced processing times.

What If Your Study Permit Application Is Rejected?

Everyone agrees that having your study permit application rejected is highly unpleasant. However, applicants can still pursue their dreams of studying in Canada. They can even improve their chances of acceptance while applying again.

The refusal letter contains the reasons for the rejection of your application. You should consider them and make adjustments to your applications accordingly. There is no restriction as to when an applicant can submit their next application, so you can apply again as soon as possible after ensuring that you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Now, if an applicant believes that the reasons mentioned in their refusal letter are not correct and their application has been refused wrongfully, they can appeal to the Federal Court of Canada to review the decision of their application.

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