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Canadas New Express Entry Certificate of Qualification CIC News

Canada’s New Express Entry Certificate of Qualification 

There are now new additions to Canada’s immigration process, making it more interesting for all. There has been an updated list by IRCC for trade occupations that are eligible for Express Entry certificates of qualification. And the best part? There would be no previous experience required.

New Additions To The Express Entry

The IRCC officially expanded the eligible occupation list on September 8 2023. This list was for eligible occupations for Express Entry certificates of qualification, which now has 101 occupations in total.

No Prior Experience? No Issue!

The best part about this latest update is that not having prior experience in these listed fields is not an issue.

You’ll only need a qualification certificate for any one of these 101 roles. If you are looking to have a fresh start in Canada, then this is your golden opportunity.

Additional CRS Points

Another good news is that you can be awarded 50 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points to your Express Entry profile by having a qualification certificate.

You won’t require a job offer from a Canadian employer to get these points.

How Can You Get Started?

For starters, get yourself enrolled in any of these skilled trades programs if you are planning to create an Express Entry profile or if you’re already in Canada with a valid profile.

Once you’ve gained expertise on your trade, you can take an exam and get the certificate of qualification from a Canadian province.

Eligible Occupations

  • Chefs and cooks
  • Contractors in various trades
  • Electronic service technicians
  • Hairstylists and Barbers
  • Landscape and horticulture technicians
  • Machinists and tooling inspectors and many more!

For potential immigrants like yourself, Canada’s updated Express Entry Certificate of Qualification list can make a big difference. So start working on your journey today!

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