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September 7, 2023

Canada Opens Doors For Digital Nomads

Canada is offering a golden opportunity for digital nomads to get a taste of the Canadian lifestyle. Their latest immigration program is custom for remote workers and brings a change of scenery for the global workforce.

How is Canada Embracing the Digital Workforce?

In the past, digital nomads working internationally could stay in Canada for about 6 months only as visitors. However, in July a new program was introduced that offers a longer stay.

A temporary work permit can be obtained by qualified digital nomads through which they are eligible to stay in Canada for an additional 3 years after getting a job under a Canadian employer.

What Benefits Does This Program Bring?

According to Canada’s minister, this program offers dual benefits. It welcomes people who wish to work in the country while helping with the labor shortage, especially in vital tech roles.

As Canada is losing a great number of workforce to the US due to higher-paying roles, this program can bring a counterbalance.

What Are The Requirements For The Application?

Here is what youneed for the application:

  • Government-issued passport
  • Proof of income
  • A visitor visa or an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) ( Depending on nationality)

The eTA application costs around CAD$7 and can be processed online.

This approach aims to attract more digital nomads and underline its commitment to cater for a diverse and dynamic workforce.

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