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Canadas FATAL Student Visa Delays Visa delays international students in Canada

Canada International Students Face Major Visa Delays!

Canadian visa delays continue to impact applicants. Today’s blog talks about the growing concerns of international students who are impacted by visa delays.

Challenges Faced By International Students

International students in Canada are facing quite major problems as their study visas are delayed. Students who want to study at the University of Ottawa are the main ones to face this issue.

The immigration process is negatively impacted due to delays and ample security checks. Due to such problems, many students are starting their academic year quite late and some even have to miss out on great opportunities.

A student from Congo had a firsthand experience due to the faulty system. Even after being selected by the University of Ottawa for the Fall 2022 semester, they were unable to secure a visa till November 2022.

This has caused their academic timeline to be affected along with their integration in student society. The matter further gets difficult for international students due to financial constraints that are tied to the immigration process. For example, the need to provide proof of funds is around $23,500.

Back in 2022, only 10,656 students were registered out of 40,442 international applications. The University of Ottawa recognizes these issues. The institution is taking some exclusive measures to stop delays’s impacts on the students.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on Canadian immigration.

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