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WOW Canada Introduces 2 Amazing Changes For The Agri Food Pilot Program

Canada Intoduces 2 Amazing Changes For The Agri-Food Pilot Program

Have you been keeping tabs on Canada’s Agri-Food Pilot program? Well, 2 major changes were introduced to this program on August 18, 2023. Let’s find out what these are.


Canada’s Agri-Food Pilot program is a great pathway to gain permanent residency for skilled workers in the agricultural and food sectors.


So let’s find out what the 2 major amendments are.



Open Work Permits for Families


The big news is that Canada is now expanding their open work permit access for family members of all Agri-Food Pilot participants.


This move is Canada’s way of showing its commitment not only to the workers but to their families as well.

Union Reference Letters


The Canadian immigration authorities will now also accept union reference letters as an alternative to the usual requirement of employer reference letters.


This would be a fresh, inclusive approach to recognise the role unions play in validating an applicant’s work experience.


The Agri-Food Pilot program kickstarted as a three-year initiative, but its success has made it stretch out until May 14, 2025.


As Canada focuses on labour needs, these changes show they’re creating a smoother journey for agri-food experts.


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