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Beware Of Scammers While Submitting Your Application For A UK Passport Renewal

In this blog, we will see how you can steer clear of scammers while applying for a UK passport renewal.



In light of the disruption at the UK Passport Office because of the ongoing industrial action, the CTSI has issued warnings regarding texts and emails promising faster passport processing and renewals. These are fraudulent messages that can cause people to leak their personal data.



It should be noted that the cost of an adult passport renewal is £82.50 for online applications and £93 for paper forms. On the other hand, passport renewals for children under 16 cost £53.50 for online applications and £64 by post.

The wait time for an adult passport renewal is currently up to ten weeks, so you will receive your travel document by the end of June if you submit your application today. People are advised to check the expiry date of their passports and plan for any necessary renewals by considering their travel plans.

People who need their passports urgently and cannot wait for 10 weeks have two options, but they both are very costly.

The first option you can opt for is the one-week Fast Track application service, which can help you receive your new passport in a week following an in-person appointment at a passport office. Going for an adult passport renewal through this service will cost you £155. But in the case of a child’s passport renewal, you will have to pay £126.

The second option is the Online Premium service, which is only for adult passport renewals and costs £193.50. As far as the delivery time is concerned, you will receive your new passport at the appointment.

However, there is a high demand for both of these services due to the ongoing strikes.

You are advised to check the following three things to confirm the legitimacy of any website before using it to renew your passport;

  • The URL
  • The security of the website
  • User or customer reviews for the website

This is how you can steer clear of any fraudulent activities and scams. Plus, always use the official website of the government to renew your passport.

Moreover, make sure to use a safe payment method, such as a credit card, to avoid losing your money to scammers.

According to CTSI chief executive John Herriman, scammers never miss out on the opportunity to benefit from uncertain situations and disturbances.

Currently, scammers are exploiting the delays caused by Passport Office strikes and using this situation to prey on people’s vulnerability.

Everyone works hard to save enough money for the holidays every year, but scammers don’t think twice before stealing people’s earnings. Therefore, authorities advise everyone to stay alert and follow official guidelines to remain safe from the harmful outcomes of scams.



We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.


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