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Working in the UK as a dependant Tips and

Can A Family Visa Holder Work in The UK?

Are you planning to apply for a Family Visa? In our blog today, we’ll be taking you through a few important details that you must know on Family Visas.

FLR (M) Visa:

FLR (M) stands for Further Leave To Remain (Marriage) which is a kind of visa category that generally falls in the term of Family Visa.

The FLR (M) visa is an application for permission to live in the UK as a spouse or unmarried partner of any British national or a person who is well-settled and currently living in the UK. This means that the partner holds the status under the EU Settlement Scheme of Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILR).

FLR (M) visa applications:

These applications are made while being in the UK in such cases if the partner is applying to extend the grant of their leave as a spouse or unmarried partner of a British national who is currently living in the UK. However, these applications can also be made, if a person is willing to switch towards the family visa category from a different visa from within the UK.

Benefits Of Family Visas:

Applicants with the family visa can avail the benefit of getting fewer restrictions on what the visa holder may do while being in the UK. Some other benefits include that you can work in the UK without the need for your company to sponsor you while having a family visa. However, You can also study in the UK without the need for your university to sponsor you. You can also choose to be self-employed if you want to be while holding a family visa.

One restriction that’s enforced on the holders of the family visa is that they will not get any benefit from the “public funds”.


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