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Australia’s Faster Visa Processing To Clear Backlogs

Our Blog update for today, will be looking at the measures taken by the Australian government for faster visa processing.

The Australian government issued a statement regarding the backlog of offshore visa applications.

The Albanese Government has emphasized working on a priority basis to overcome the backlog. The department of home affairs was requested by the Minister for Immigration, citizenship and multicultural to urgently increase the staff to address the visa backlog.

The government is working on a priority basis to promote economic growth in Australia. Emphasizing processing offshore caseloads, the government is encouraging students, and visitors to travel to Australia. This will also help the Australian government to overcome the labor shortage problem.

In order to deal with the backlog of visas, the Minister of immigration, citizenship and multicultural affairs, Mr Andrew Giles is, emphasizing his department to work on preference.

With nearly 140 new hiring, officers focusing on travel exemptions in Australian Border Force,  are also redirected to work for visa processing due to the shortage of staff and workload in the visa department.

According to  Mr. Giles, the department is not only looking at older cases but also working on escalating the volume of visa applications.

Mr. Giles stated that the number of applications received in June 2022 has increased to 6.5% than May 2022. The applications finalized in the same period increased to 10.6%.

Around 745,000 visa applications have been finalized since June 2022, including 645,000 offshore visas, 388,000 visitor visas, 62,000 student visas, and 9,550 temporary skilled visas.

Keeping in mind the backlog the government is working day and night on it. And working on a priority basis.

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