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Australia Parent Visa Waiting Periods Massive backlog of parent visa applications to Australia

Latest developments on Australia Parent Visa Waiting Periods

In today’s blog update we will be talking about the Government of Australia’s plan to address Parent Visa Waiting Periods. So we highly suggest you to read the full blog and comment below what you think about the decision.

Did you know that the Government of Australia is taking steps to address the lengthy waiting periods connected with Parent Visas, a concern that has been a major issue for many migrants in Australia.

Current Scenario of Australian Parent Visa

It was noted that the challenges faced by migrants included emotional suffering and objections caused by the pro-longed waiting periods for Australian Parent Visas. In some cases, applicants have faced an astounding wait time of up to 50 years. The demand for Australian Parent Visas has constantly surpassed the capped number of slots available every twelve months, leading to a mounting backlog of applications. From 2010 to 2022, applications went up from 35,000 to 120,000.

Possible Reforms on the Horizon for Australian Parent Visa

Australia’s recent Migration Review recognised possible areas of reform for Australian Parent Visas which are:

  • Visa Lottery Approach:
    Implementing a system parallel to Canada and New Zealand, where applicants are casually nominated and invited to apply for the Parent Visa.
  • Improving Temporary Parent Visa:
    This involves cutting visa application costs and transforming the visa period.
  • Reconsidering Permanent Australian Parent Visas:
    The review proposes assessing the feasibility of removing Permanent Australian Parent Visas and improving access to the temporary option.


Australia is vigorously exploring solutions to address the challenges linked with Australian Parent Visa waiting periods, making sure a fair and well-organised system for all applicants.

Our blog ends here. Thanks for reading today’s blog update.

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