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Australia Increases Migration Cap For The Year 2022-2023

In today’s blog, we will look at the increase in the migration cap made by the Australian government.

Since the last few years, Australia has continued to be the leading destination for hopeful overseas immigrants. Each year thousands of people apply for Australian visas  to live, work, study or settle permanently. Particularly for skilled professionals, there are more incentives to apply for an Australian Permanent Residence visa. Since the last few years, Australia has been inviting 160,000 permanent residents every year.

For the program year 2022-2023, the Australian government has increased the migration cap by 35,000 to deal with the skill shortages across different states. Therefore, in 2022-23, Australia will be accepting 195,000 new permanent residents. Also, there are more reasons for immigrating to Australia this program year which are as follows:


Australia Has Raised All Covid-19 Restrictions

For the last two years, most developed countries, including Australia, shut their borders to travelers due to the worldwide pandemic. But Australia is one of the first few countries that have entirely lifted all Covid-19 restrictions. So, now, travelers from any part of the world can move to Australia without needing any exemption or fulfilling any other special requirements.

Most State Nomination Programs Invite Applicants From Overseas

Skilled Migration programs in the majority of the Australian states are giving preference to nominations applications from overseas skilled professionals. Some of these active and open Australian state nomination programs are as follows:

These programs choose candidates for Australia PR visas, such as Subclass 190 and provisional visa Subclass 491.


The Rise In Skilled Migration Visas Allocations

The Department of Home Affairs reserved 79,600 visa allocations for the Skilled Migration category last year. But, this year, the DHA will approve a greater number of visa allocations, that is, 109,900 for skilled migration. Furthermore, this number will likely increase further after the latest increase announced by DHA in the limit for the annual migration. This is great news for skilled professionals who are looking to immigrate to Australia.

More Occupations and Lenient Requirements

Several Australian states have modified their list of in-demand occupations, known as the Skilled Occupation List, and have added more occupations. This means that applicants for a skilled visa will have a variety of professions to choose from. Furthermore, big state nomination programs have also made relaxations to the requirements of nomination for applicants for skilled visas.

Important Visa Categories To Apply

Through the point-based General Skilled Migration (GSM) of Australia, you can apply for any of the three most popular skilled Visa categories that are as follows:

Requirements To Apply For A Skilled PR Visa in Australia

  • Check your profession in the appropriate Skilled Occupation List of Australia.
  • You should be under the age of 45.
  • You must provide IELTS test results for English proficiency, with minimum band 6 scores.
  • Provide the report of Skill Assessment from an accredited assessing authority, such as ACS, AACA, VETASSESS, etc.
  • You must acquire a minimum of 65 points out of 100 in the online SkillSelect System depending on key profile factors, such as education, English language skills, age, work experience, etc.
  • You must submit a Medical certificate and Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) as and when asked by the visa office.
  • Must fulfill other basic process requirements.

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