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Refugees Striving For Permanent Visas Living In Uncertain Conditions

Our Blog update for today is about the uncertain living conditions of refugees striving for permanent visas.

Above 30,000 refugees residing in Australia still hold various temporary visas, which limit them from creating stable lifestyles, including studying, working, and reuniting with their loved ones.

Asylum seekers who come to Australia irregularly, without a valid visa, either by boat or plane, are not included in the government’s permanent Humanitarian Program. They are also not granted a permanent visa.

With the changes to the Migration Act 1958 made by the Abbott Government in 2014, refugees are given one of two temporary visas. Such as the following:

In both circumstances, individuals carrying temporary visas must remain uncertain for a minimum of three years before being permitted to re-apply for another application for protection at the end of their visa duration.

Holders of the TPV and SHEV visas are not eligible for the following facilities:

  • Cannot travel away from Australia to reunite with their families
  • Have restricted access to state benefits such as Medicare and Centrelink.
  • Have no access to emergency housing and limited ability to attend translation services or English classes.

Australia’s offshore resettlement feature of the Humanitarian Program welcomes individuals who are suggested for resettlement by someone already living in Australia. This could be a relative and is one of the only pathways for parted families to reunite and settle in Australia.

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